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It’s halftime (for the season)!

Your favorite zombies are tearing up the track all over California (and even into Nevada); here’s a snapshot of how our season is going so far.

Our “A” level team, the Undead Bettys are UNDEAD and UNDEFEATED so far in 2013! They took third at the Dustbowl Invitational, and then continued the streak of badassery by winning bouts against Resurrection Roller Girls, Central California Area Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, and Battle Born Roller Derby. Undead’s captain and wily jammer, Dutch Crunch, has motivated the team to step up their game, both on and off the track. The hard work is paying off!

Photo by John Westhafer

Our “B” level team, The Damned Skaters, is in a building year – nearly 10 new players have joined the roster this season, while several skaters have moved up to Undead or moved to other leagues. Captain and fierce blocker, Loca Anesthesia, one of the team’s veteran players, has been a calm presence in the pack and a “mama hen” who keeps everyone on task and in the game. While Damned has yet to win a bout this season, the skaters learn something new with every successive bout – the most important thing in a building year!

Our Dead-level skaters, who are learning more advanced skating skills as well as scrimmaging skills in preparation to move up to bouting level, have been stepping up their game under the guise of their coach and captain, Prim and Improper. There is a lot of potential within the ranks of the Dead, and soon those hard-working skaters will be taking the track with their big brothers and sisters!

Our “fresh meat” skaters, the Infected, join our ranks and get their first taste of derby every 12 weeks or so. With the help of their coach and captain, Admiral DeJenerate, they learn the minimum skills required to be safe on the track – how to fall properly, recovery from falls, endurance (such as being able to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes), and the basics of hitting, blocking, and how to take a hit. Undead welcomes new skaters – male and female– and even if you don’t know how to skate, we will teach you everything you need to know. Our next session starts September 15th! Join us - Get Infected!

Our men’s team, The Skaters Grim, had their first bout in June; while they didn’t take the victory in that bout, our guys have been working hard and several have been allowed to start training on a higher level with our “A” team skaters – this will ensure they have the skills and endurance required to skate against other men’s teams. Men’s derby is extremely fast-paced and intense, so they need the best training possible.

Want to be part of roller derby, but don’t necessarily want to skate? You can still be part of the action! We always welcome non-skating officials (NSOs) and volunteers. NSOs are the people who keep track of statistics – penalties, points scored, etc. Or, if you want to skate, but don’t feel comfortable with the hard-hitting action, you can become a ref - learn the rules and call penalties! We can’t have bouts without the dedicated members of our Zombie Control Unit! We are having a great season, and we hope you – our fans – are coming to the bouts and enjoying some amazing derby!

We look forward to seeing you as we gain momentum and eat more brains in the second half!

Undead Bettys Take Home 3rd
From Dustbowl

The weekend of March 23rd wasn’t just any weekend to the Undead Bettys. It was a weekend they had been waiting and training for, for over three months during off season. As most would assume, off season is usually the time to take a little break from all the derby craziness, time to kick back, relax and enjoy a little R&R. But Undead had another plan in mind during off season this year. They were going to show the derby world what they were made of, and as it turns out, all that hard work paid off. Undead took home third place of the entire tournament. With 14 teams in attendance and with a smaller roster then most, Undead surprised everyone.

Let me take you back to that fateful weekend and give you a little peek into how it all played out. The Undead Bettys, in normal zombie fashion, began taking over Bakersfield on Friday so they could settle in Friday night to ensure a full evening of rest in preparation for what they knew would be a series of challenging and exciting battles. Saturday morning the Undead Bettys and their fearless leader, Coach Graves, made their way to the tournament. Graves gave one of his inspirational speeches, informing each and every one of the twelve skater that they were “bad ass” and that he believes in them. He also emphasized that the single most important thing during this tournament is to have fun. He said, “Fun is what it’s all about. Every single one of you plays roller derby because they love it and are passionate about it. You know what you’re doing! Do what you love.”

Graves’ speech, as usual, got the skaters pumped-up, excited and ready to take on their first opponents, Bakersfield’s Derby Revolution. Our zombie squad did not disappoint, they began racking up points during the first jam and never let up. The final score was Undead 220, Bakersfield 29. After this first win Undead was raring to go and psyched to play their next contenders, the West Coast Derby Knockouts. The Knockouts were tough, but Undead managed to squeak out a win with the final score 102 Undead, 98 Knockouts. The team’s third and final bout of the day was played against Angel City Derby Girls' Rocket Queens who were formidable opponents! This game had the spectators on their feet and screaming as Undead kept the score close, but in their favor nearly the entire 30 minute game.

Our blockers moved together as if they were connected at the hips and restrained the other team’s jammers, allowing our jammers time to continually break through the pack and score. With only 23 seconds left on the clock and only a three point differential in the score it was anyone’s game. However, Angel City took it, the final score was Angel City 73, Undead 67. Even with Saturday’s hard hits and fierce competition Undead managed to pull out all the stops with amazing strategy, endurance and teamwork.

After the final game on Saturday Undead celebrated by having a team dinner where they recapped the days events, made jokes, laughed and enjoyed a feast. They then headed back to their hotel rooms to get much needed rest for another day of fierce competition.
Photo Credit Brendan C. Davis

The team’s first game on Sunday was scheduled for noon and they were slated to take on the San Diego Derby Dolls' Wildfires. Undead knew the Wildfires would not go down easy and were excited, nervous and honored to play this team. This was once again another nail-bitingly close game in which Undead held the lead the entire bout. Thanks to their blocker’s relentless hipchecks and booty blocks, Undead held the San Diego jammers back. Our Undead jammers were jukey, aggressive and fast and held their own. Undead took the game with a final score of Undead 118, San Diego 109. Our second bout of the day (fifth for the tournament) was against SoCal Derby. This bout determined whether or not Undead would place in the top three. The team was excited and focused and Coach Graves once again reminded the skaters to have fun, so that’s what they did. The skaters danced on the track and laughed and sang after each jam. Needless to say, the fun, dancing and team work paid off. Undead took the bout with a score of 106 Undead, 90 SoCal Derby. The team was ecstatic that they had won yet another bout and were guaranteed, at minimum, third place.

Undead wasn’t ready to stop there. There was one more game to play. They were going to try for second place. Undead’s final game of the tournament, and fight for second place, was a re-match against Angel City. This game was by far the most challenging game of the weekend for the team. It was not only a test of skill but a test of endurance. Undead returned to the track ready to fight, as did the Rocket Queens. Undead gave everything they had left in them but the Queens took a well-deserved win with a final score of 131 Rocket Queens, 34 Undead.

David Costa Photography http://www.davidcostaphotography.com/

In addition to Undead being awarded third place in the tournament, their jammer, Gin Fluenza, was awarded tournament MVP jammer, which was no small feat. All-in-all this amazing tournament was the result of fantastic team work, a stellar head coach, and most of all a team that is passionate about derby and enjoys skating together.

Curious about who all these amazing skaters are? Here is a little brief description of each one. You can also read each of their profiles on our website.

1. Blood Thirsty, #0 known for her amazing blocking skills can take a skater right off her feet with one slight swing of her hip. She was awarded Damned Skaters 2011 MVP blocker.

2. Cemetery Mary, #057 is Undead’s original member and league founder. She is known for her stellar strategy on the track and does an amazing job controlling her pack. She was awarded Undead Bettys 2012 MVP blocker.

3. Darth Shannonigans, #V8R does a great job sticking with her teammates and keeping the opposing jammer behind her. She was awarded The Damned Skaters 2012 MVP blocker.

4. Dutch Crunch, #76 received the league’s 2012 skater of the year award. She is known for hopping through packs and for her flexible “gumby like moves” as she jukes around blockers while jamming.

5. Gin Fluenza, #222 has natural jamming skills. She slips through the smallest spaces between blockers and seems to never tire. Gin was awarded MVP jammer of the entire 2013 Dustbowl tournament.

6. Ivy Creepin, #86 is an amazing blocker and best known for her “stingers”… don’t know what they are? Come stand by her, she’ll show you. She was awarded Undead Bettys 2011 MVP blocker.

7. Lisafer, #664 is a relentless blocker on the track. It’s like she has a tracking device for jammers and once they’re in her sight she slams them! Lisafer was awarded Undead Bettys 2012 most aggressive player.

8. Nasty Drew, #72 is a double threat, with awesome jamming and blocking skills. She was awarded The Damned Skaters 2012 MVP jammer.

9. Prim and Improper, #9 is one of the leagues original members and has blocking and pivot skills that just don’t quit. She was awarded the league’s 2011 skater of the year.

10. Sew Evil, #31 is a jammer at heart and skates the track with ease and confidence. She was awarded Undead Bettys 2012 MVP jammer.

11. Van Destroyer, #40 is a solid blocker, stays calm and cool and out of the penalty box. She also has a heart that bleeds green and purple, she was awarded the league’s 2012 Philanthropy Maven award.

12. Wheelie Hot, #99 has been skating her entire life and easily slips from one side of the track to the other without being noticed. She was awarded Undead Bettys 2012 most agile skater.

The first roller derby league in The East Bay!

Undead Bettys was established to provide a fun sport to promote the empowerment and fitness for all women. We are a female, flat-track roller derby team who focuses on providing entertainment for our fans, fitness and fun for our skaters, and promoting confident, independent members.

We are a grassroots, DIY, skater owned, and operated team that was established in July 2008. We are a brand new league looking to pull ourselves up by our skatestraps through dedication, sweat, and blood.

Got what it takes to be an Undead Betty? If so, check out our Join Us page!

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2013 Undead / Damned
Score Card
RRG Cinderollas vs Undead Bettys
107/242 2013-04-27
Undead Bettys vs CCAD Atomic Assault
205/156 2013-05-11
Damned Skaters vs HCMDG
183/334 2013-05-18
The Skaters Grim vs Amador City
197/261 2013-06-15
SVRG Killabytes vs Undead Bettys
102/379 2013-06-22
SFV Like OMGs vs Damned Skaters
299/184 2013-06-29
Undead Bettys vs Battle Born Derby Demons
451/74 2013-07-20
Undead Bettys vs BAD Oakland Outlaws
215/191 2013-08-10
SVRG Hard Drivers vs Damned Skaters
178/215 2013-08-17
Damned Skaters vs RRG Cinderollas
111/164 2013-09-14
SDRD Starlettes vs Undead Bettys
242/203 2013-09-21
HCMDG vs Damned Skaters
128/195 2013-09-29
Undead Bettys vs BAD ShEvil Dead
193/227 2013-10-12
Santa Cruz Harbor Hellcats vs Damned Skaters
308/136 2013-10-26
PRG vs Damned Skaters
153/264 2013-11-08
The Skaters Grim vs Slick City Rollerz
229/144 2013-11-16
Ventura County Derby Darlins (VCDD) vs Undead Bettys
207/167 2013-11-23

by LisaFer